The Second City: Legend of the Five Rings

The Back Story

Raniyah is one of less than a dozen rakshasa left alive in the mortal world. This is because over a thousand years ago, the Ivory Kingdoms’ god Vishnu the Protector, lord of life, imprisoned most of the rakshasa race, locking them away in a spiritual trap beyond the physical world. Only a few of the creatures, such as Raniyah and her cousin Adisbah the Cruel, managed to escape Vishnu’s punishment and continue to roam the world. A millennium later, one of these escapees would serve as the commander of KaliMa’s great Destroyer army for the invasion of Rokugan. With all of the Ivory Kingdoms’ gods dead and the Kingdoms themselves reduced to little more than an empty wilderness, the power of Vishnu’s ancient seal is weakening. Raniyah realizes there is the distinct possibility her brethren can be freed. She has spent the last decade masquerading as a Crane samurai called Doji Chonitsu, using a web of alliances among mortals to slowly gather the powerful spiritual artifacts and divine substances she will need to have a chance at shattering Vishnu’s ancient seal. She has also gathered a small group of weak-willed mortal followers who she can use for human sacrifices
when the time comes. Her scheme is drawing slowly but steadily closer to fruition, and if she should succeed, the world of mortal men will be afflicted by an unprecedented plague of malignant and nigh-invulnerable demons.



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