The Second City: Legend of the Five Rings

Trouble in Kosaten Province

Setting the mood

Kosaten Province is a Crane province located in their northern lands, next to their main border with the Lion Clan. Like most of the northern Crane provinces, it is a richly productive agricultural territory, with numerous villages surrounded by rice paddies and grain fields. The
seat of power in the province is Kosaten Shiro, a major military fortress of the Daidoji family. Like most castles, it has a fairly large village (about 2,000 inhabitants) associated with it, and a well-maintained road leading south toward the coast and the major port towns of Kyuden Doji and Musume Mura. The current lord of Kosaten Province is Daidoji Sokazaka, a man who eschews the traditional Daidoji militarism in favor of a love for art and beauty. The peace which has prevailed in this part of the Empire in recent years – inparticular, the peace between Lion and Crane which has held since the time of the Four Winds – has given Sokazaka the freedom to indulge his artistic taste without worrying too much about his clan’s military forces.

You and your fellow magistrates have have been touring the empire for the last year, and are making your way back to Toshi Ranbo the Imperial Capital through the lands of the Crane Clan. Stopping for a few days rest in the town outside Kosaten Shiro, along with obtaining the signature of the provinces lord before returning to the capital.



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